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Feeling the Burn (of 44 Candles)

“I can’t wait until I’m 10!” my son told me as we were driving to his friend’s sixth birthday party. When I pressed him to tell me what was so special about 10, he relayed enthusiastically, “Just because I want to be 10!” As I watched him bowl at the party, which was only a …

The Imbalance of Balance

(Note: This is a rewrite of an earlier post.) Chances are you’ve either read, been part of, or have overheard this conversation: Person A: How are you doing? Person B: I’m a wreck. I’m really feeling out of balance. The conversation continues with the reasons that have led to this feeling of imbalance. They’re all …

A Weighty Conversation

One of the great gifts passed down from generation to generation in my family is the unparalleled dedication of turning to food in times of stress or sadness. Or celebration…or maybe any other time for that matter. Another great gift is a nearly insatiable love of sweets. All of ‘em. Even just packages of sugar …

What I Learned on My Vacation

My kid is a f*&$ing stud. That’s really the biggest lesson that I learned. And, that I don’t give him nearly enough credit for being able to handle big challenges. Let me explain. We have recently returned from a trip to the Dominican Republic. However, what looked like the dream vacation almost didn’t happen. The …

Life. In Real Life.

Yesterday was one of those particularly rough travel days. Flights delayed. Connections missed. And another unplanned night away from home. (Although, six hours in the Sioux Falls Airport wasn’t as excruciating as it sounds.) As I was waiting for my flight, however, I was watching a little girl, maybe 4-years old, running around with her …

Redefining Spontaneity

I’m getting the same buzz of the idea of this trip as I used to get off the “we’re leaving in five minutes” challenges my friends used to lay on me. That’s spontaneity redefined in the age of parenting.

Leave Abby Sunderland (and Her Parents) Alone

I simply don’t understand the outcry. Is Abby Sunderland any different from a prodigy pianist? Or one of those stud 16-year old athletes that we worship. Remember LeBron James in high school? He was the apple of everyone’s eye. Why? Because he played a sport we understand.

Da Bull(ie)s

I explained to K-Man that these two boys were evil superheros and that their super power was “attention.” If you give them “attention,” they get stronger and will come back. If you ignore them and take away their attention, they will disappear. Good story. I was wrong.

Well, Why Not?

I received as much reward from his romp as he did. Maybe more. I was going to pass that up because I didn’t want to deal with a simple bath? Sometimes I suck.

It’s Just Lunch

Why is it so surprising that a father can take care of his kid (or kids) when the wife/partner/insert appropriate term here is away? Fathers ARE parents, too, right? Right?