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Balance? What Balance?

Seems to me that in order to find balance we have to stop trying so hard to achieve it. We have to stop thinking of balance as something that happens always. Instead, we have to start thinking about balance as something that happens on average.

It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint

And, just like with the running thing – a person who runs six or seven (even eight or nine) minute miles isn’t going to like running with me. Parents who consistently put their kids in time-out may not like my parenting styles. But, is one better than the other? Who knows?

The Best of Family in the Worst of Times

Craig was, by all accounts, an amazing guy. Patriotic soldier. Committed husband. Accomplished carpenter. And…unbelievable dad. Yes, Craig and his wife (let’s call her Leslie) had three kids – all of whom were under the age of four when his helicopter crashed – the youngest, basically a newborn.

Spank your kid and she might not go to Harvard

Personally, the thought of spanking K-Man has never entered my mind. It’s never been logical to me: If kid acts up, solve the problem by wailing on his ass. Seems to me that it doesn’t do much other than send a message to the kid: In the future if anyone in my life acts up, I should hit that person. Repeatedly.