On the Backcountry, Danger and Finding Balance

It’s been two weeks since my friend Jeff and I walked out of the Colorado wilderness after our four-night and five-day backpacking adventure. It’s been two weeks since I’ve spent time each day looking at a blinking cursor, trying desperately to answer the most frequently asked question: How was your trip? Like last year’s adventure, … Continue reading

Focus Pocus

There are a few potholes that, despite my best efforts, I hit over and over and over again. One of these, which is not uncommon, is the feeling that I’m not achieving as much as I think I should be. The thing about this particular pothole is that I can’t always see it coming. I … Continue reading

Crashing Plates, $600MM and Owning the Funk

My writing process is reasonably simple. I get a clear thought in my head, or I see/read/experience something inspiring and the resulting ideas come flowing through my fingers. When I don’t get that clear thought, however, when I don’t have some idea for an opening sentence…I can’t get started. It’s not even so much about … Continue reading

The Imbalance of Balance

(Note: This is a rewrite of an earlier post.) Chances are you’ve either read, been part of, or have overheard this conversation: Person A: How are you doing? Person B: I’m a wreck. I’m really feeling out of balance. The conversation continues with the reasons that have led to this feeling of imbalance. They’re all … Continue reading

Balance? What Balance?

Seems to me that in order to find balance we have to stop trying so hard to achieve it. We have to stop thinking of balance as something that happens always. Instead, we have to start thinking about balance as something that happens on average.