I develop and activate ideas that solve complex messaging and creative challenges. Together, we uncover ideas, develop messaging, and activate strategies, which become programs like:

  • A comprehensive integrated marketing platform for Mutual of Omaha, including broadcast advertising, experiential, social, public relations, and sales activations. (“Aha Moment” Campaign).

  • The “Live Riveted” initiative that has become a rallying cry for Airstream’s global community, as well as the “Endless Caravan” program to reinvigorate the famous caravan programs of the company’s past.

  • A partnership program for an upstart cannabis brand with the famed Sweetwater Music Hall that included naming rights for the green room.

  • A documentary mini-series about CTE featuring former Chicago Bears superstar, Lance Briggs for a start-up, sports-focused social media platform.

  • The creation of a fundraising initiative that was called “the best use of social media for a non-profit.”

  • The development, production, and sale of an animated TV show. 

Every one of these campaigns started with the same challenge: We’re having trouble connecting to our audiences. Is there a better way for us to communicate our message? Is there a better way for us all to understand each other? 

That’s what I do. I’m fortunate because I love this work. My job (and my life) is all about connecting people to each other. And I believe the good stuff is in our connections. The Mutual of Omaha work wasn’t about selling insurance. It was about the vision people had for their lives. The leaps they wanted to make. It was about being human. We changed the conversation agents had with their customers. It changed the way insurance was marketed.

In the course of my career, I’ve worked with the biggest brands, on the biggest events, and have developed programs that have generated hundreds of millions of impressions, engagements … and dollars in revenue. But what I love knowing is that I’ve helped bring people together. Because at the end of the day, it’s the relationships we remember. It’s the relationships that matter.