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A Weighty Conversation

One of the great gifts passed down from generation to generation in my family is the unparalleled dedication of turning to food in times of stress or sadness. Or celebration…or maybe any other time for that matter. Another great gift is a nearly insatiable love of sweets. All of ‘em. Even just packages of sugar …

The Kid’s A Hit!

If he didn’t have any interest in sports, c’est la vie. “The world need ditch diggers too, Danny!” (Sorry, inside joke. You all know who you are.)

The Kids are All Right

I kept watching with some kind of awe as the kids flew up and down the ramps, in and out of bowls and did things that I wouldn’t dare do now….or then. K-Man watched too. “I want to do that, daddy.” Someday, kid. And, when you do, you’ll apparently learn valuable lessons that no adults can possible teach you.