Most coaches specialize in helping you create a one-time change. Great coaches, on the other hand, help you build the skills, resilience, and self-awareness to make better, more confident decisions for the rest of your life. That’s what Todd did for me, and more than a decade later, I’m grateful every day for the lasting impact he’s had — and continues to have — on my life. Todd’s gift is his 20/20 vision for what’s most important about each of us. Where others see weakness, Todd sees humanity. Where others see failure, Todd sees education. Where others see despair, Todd sees opportunity. You’ll be a different person after working with him, in the most magnificent possible way.

Leonard M, Tech CMO

“With 15-20 years of school and sports under my belt, I have a long list of mentors and coaches I can point to. Todd is at the top of my list. He challenges me in the most fulfilling ways. He lets me articulate my emotions. He encourages me. He holds me accountable. He helps me face my fears. He makes me more aware & conscious. And he helps me lead a life of self-love and self-belief.” (Patrick S. College grad)

“I love you, Todd. Your advice to me on the day we were announcing was game changing. I will never forget that.” (CEO of start-up lifestyle brand)

“Todd always brings immense intellect, insight and creativity to his natural problem-solving ability. Todd inspires his clients to look at their objectives and the possible solutions from viewpoints they may not anticipate or feel completely comfortable with, and that’s a real talent. Whenever we would meet, I knew I could count on Todd to come armed with unique, distinctive, innovative ideas.” (John Hildenbiddle, Former SVP Brand Management and Public Relations, Mutual of Omaha)

“Todd’s gift is understanding brands (like some kind of whisperer) and then causally developing activations & messaging that create connection magic. I can’t explain how it works. It just does. Todd is a charismatic, smart, funny human who truly loves what he does, and the people/brands he works with.” (Mollie Hansen, Airstream CMO)

“…hearing you talk in my class at USC was life changing for me. Best guest speaker I’ve ever listened to.” (USC Student)

“Todd’s passion and experience creates a foundation for innovative, creative programming that people care about. I still don’t understand how he’s made a few of them happen.” (Founder/Executive Producer of Emmy and Peabody Award-winning production company)

“Todd helped us develop messaging and strategy around several sales communications challenges. His ability to effectively translate the diverse needs of multiple teams to craft a variety of outputs helped us define our industry leadership position.” (Rod Johnson, EVP Applications, North America, Oracle)

“I also like and appreciate my boys having you in their back pockets if every they need someone other than us to talk with. I think it’s healthy for the parent-child relationship” (Hardie C., Mother of two teen boys)

“I would have never imagined being the person I am today a year ago. Thank you so much for the constant encouragement and inspiration. It has really helped me branch out.” (Blythe H., High School Freshman)

“….it was one of the most amazing nights of my college career and something I will never forget.” (Cal Poly SLO Student)