On Flexing Your Perspective

As with the recent passing of a high school classmate, real life has a way of interrupting our routines. And when this happens, particularly when faced with a sudden death, we “find perspective.” We rediscover the importance of living in the present. We’re reminded about how fleeting time is. How short life is. Suddenly allContinue reading “On Flexing Your Perspective”

On (Re)Defining Friendship in the Face of a Tragic Death and the Now

I feel blessed because I liked high school. I wasn’t so fond of the tests, and there were a couple of teachers I could have done without, but I liked pretty much everything else about it. I wasn’t one of the “popular kids,” but I found my space. I had my set of really closeContinue reading “On (Re)Defining Friendship in the Face of a Tragic Death and the Now”

On Broken Dreams, Raging Rapids and the Calm

I’m terribly behind in my thoughts. It’s not that I’m not having them. In fact, it’s just the opposite. Every time I sit down to write one thing, I end up starting 10 thoughts, but nothing finished. It makes me feel a bit manic. Crazy. Insane. What I should say is that I’m terribly behindContinue reading “On Broken Dreams, Raging Rapids and the Calm”

The Best of Family in the Worst of Times

Craig was, by all accounts, an amazing guy. Patriotic soldier. Committed husband. Accomplished carpenter. And…unbelievable dad. Yes, Craig and his wife (let’s call her Leslie) had three kids – all of whom were under the age of four when his helicopter crashed – the youngest, basically a newborn.