On Birthdays, Piles of Rocks & Love

When I was a kid, I absolutely loved my birthday. Truth be told, I loved my birthday for well beyond the years that I might be described as “a kid.” I wanted to celebrate. I wanted to be surrounded by friends, family and anyone I had ever met. Another year was in the books. Another … Continue reading

On (Re)Defining Friendship in the Face of a Tragic Death and the Now

I feel blessed because I liked high school. I wasn’t so fond of the tests, and there were a couple of teachers I could have done without, but I liked pretty much everything else about it. I wasn’t one of the “popular kids,” but I found my space. I had my set of really close … Continue reading

Thanks for the Reminders: Measuring What Really Matters

It’s become customary to offer a status update thanking people for the birthday wishes that find their way to our Facebook walls. But, wow, as I look at the names on my wall today, and think of the places where we’ve all met and the experiences that we’ve all shared, I feel like such an … Continue reading

Da Bull(ie)s

I explained to K-Man that these two boys were evil superheros and that their super power was “attention.” If you give them “attention,” they get stronger and will come back. If you ignore them and take away their attention, they will disappear. Good story. I was wrong.