On Zirkel’s Redemption, Give or Take

As I waited for Jeff to pick me up outside baggage claim at the Denver airport, I imagined my reaction to seeing his lifted, cardinal Toyota 4Runner was similar to what my dog feels when I grab the leash: Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy we’re going on an adventure! With one big difference: Jeff’s … Continue reading

On Gratitude, A Guy Named Jerry and a Dog Named Sandy

Earlier this week I let a slight jab in the gut become a huge kick in the b*lls. What definitely should have hurt a little, disabled me for a day. Maybe more. I hated that I lost two days because I couldn’t handle what amounts to a hiccup. A hurdle. I lost my sense of … Continue reading

On Olympians, The Rockies and The Quest for Sustainable Energy

My business partner and I are both working on something similar. While he works with some of the world’s leading climate scientists, renowned activist celebrities and industry leading partners to help lead a charge to deliver the important message of investing in the power of the sun, wind and water, I’m working to try to … Continue reading

On Whitney Houston, Wasted Talent & More Thoughts on a Birthday Eve

I realize it may seem strange, but as the clock speeds toward 44 (that’s the big hand on the “oh f**k” and the little hand on the “oh crap”), I find myself thinking about Whitney Houston. (That’s all hands on the “WTF?”) It’s true. With my birthday looming large those thoughts of “what should have … Continue reading

“You’re Doing It Wrong!” A Look At Perspective

With a few years of parenting under my belt, one of my favorite movie scenes comes from “Mr. Mom.” As Michael Keaton adjusts to being a stay-at-home-dad and struggles to take care of his kids after losing his job, his son tells him, “You’re doing it wrong!” That’s how I feel about perspective. I often … Continue reading