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On Olympians, The Rockies and The Quest for Sustainable Energy

My business partner and I are both working on something similar. While he works with some of the world’s leading climate scientists, renowned activist celebrities and industry leading partners to help lead a charge to deliver the important message of investing in the power of the sun, wind and water, I’m working to try to …

In the Presence of Passion

I spend a lot of time thinking and talking about passion and its place in our lives – professionally, personally, spiritually, financially (all of the big “llys”!). I’ve read books. I’ve watched TED Talks. I’ve even started producing a video/documentary, interviewing people who have followed their passions to create the lives they’ve imagined. Passion is …

The Joy of Success: We All Have a Dream

I recently failed at my attempt to have an important and reasonably intense conversation with my six-year old son, for whom deeply focusing on ice cream, cookies and video games is apparently far easier and more satisfying than the confusing concepts I tried to get him to understand. In the spirit of the day, I …

Longest Days and Shortest Years

Right about the time my son, K-Man, was born, my older brother and then father of twin boys of his own (he’s since added another) told me, “Welcome to the longest days and the shortest years.”

Forgive me, readers for I have sinned

I’m nearly 42 years old and I’m finally, really, truly finally (I think) doing exactly what I want to be doing. I’m finally, really, truly finally (I think) following my passions, throwing caution to the wind (not all caution, but a lot of it) and just seeing what happens.