On Whitney Houston, Wasted Talent & More Thoughts on a Birthday Eve

I realize it may seem strange, but as the clock speeds toward 44 (that’s the big hand on the “oh f**k” and the little hand on the “oh crap”), I find myself thinking about Whitney Houston. (That’s all hands on the “WTF?”) It’s true. With my birthday looming large those thoughts of “what should haveContinue reading “On Whitney Houston, Wasted Talent & More Thoughts on a Birthday Eve”

Get Off Your Ass: The Overexposure of Inspiration

I read a blog post last night from Seth Godin, the acclaimed author, marketer and professor of change. In this blog he spoke about how the power of fear keeps us from reaching our goals. (Something I’ve written about, as well, just without the 13 best sellers to my name!) I read another story thisContinue reading “Get Off Your Ass: The Overexposure of Inspiration”

Anti-Social Media, Part 2

Stephen Covey, in the updated forward of his groundbreaking book, Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, tells a story of pleasurable subway trip gone terribly wrong. One weekend morning, the riders were reading, talking quietly and genuinely enjoying the public transportation. The peace, however, was short-lived when a man with two kids boarded the train.Continue reading “Anti-Social Media, Part 2”

(Anti) Social Media: Part I

Social Media is awesome in that it gives a voice to so many people who might not otherwise have one. Facebook and Twitter, for example, played a key role in the social uprisings/changes that occurred in Egypt and are happening the world over. The pictures, words and feelings that might otherwise be crushed by oppressiveContinue reading “(Anti) Social Media: Part I”