On Zirkel’s Redemption, Give or Take

As I waited for Jeff to pick me up outside baggage claim at the Denver airport, I imagined my reaction to seeing his lifted, cardinal Toyota 4Runner was similar to what my dog feels when I grab the leash: Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy we’re going on an adventure! With one big difference: Jeff’sContinue reading “On Zirkel’s Redemption, Give or Take”

On the Prelude to a Backcountry Trek

(NOTE: My thoughts on my trek through the Zirkel Wilderness are coming, but I wrote this post on the plane to Colorado.)   I’ve never started the review of my now annual backcountry trek before the actual trek, but here I am on the plane to Colorado, severely hopped up on coffee following my usualContinue reading “On the Prelude to a Backcountry Trek”

A Manic Monday

Blink. Blink. Blink. Blink. Geezus. I have no f*cking idea what to write about. None. I’ve spent almost the entire day staring at a blinking cursor. Blink. Blink. Blink. Blink. I have so many first paragraphs written about so many different topics that I’m thinking about contacting the Guinness people. I’m not sure if thereContinue reading “A Manic Monday”

The Power of Powering Through

I’ve started five different blog posts today. There was the one about Open Mic Nights. Another about expertise. A third about religion. A fourth about…well, it doesn’t matter. None of them are going to get published. Normally by now, Monday Views is posted and I’ve started obsessing about the stats. (That’s a whole different postContinue reading “The Power of Powering Through”

“We’re F*cked.” Tales from a Backcountry Trek.

“We’re fucked.” “Really,” I asked, thinking that maybe my long-time friend and guide, Jeff, was just exaggerating the effect of the 8” of snow on the ground. “Oh yeah. We’re fucked,” he repeated, but with an emphasis and look that let me know that, while I had asked he plan a trip that took meContinue reading ““We’re F*cked.” Tales from a Backcountry Trek.”