On Art, Fear, the Sea of Cortez and A Day Well Lived

I have a friend who is involved in the independent art world. Over the years he has supported many self-described “starving artists” whose dedication to their dreams has inspired him to write checks, host fundraisers and promote their craft. When I told him that I was going to sponsor “some guy’s attempt to swim across … Continue reading

On Gratitude, A Guy Named Jerry and a Dog Named Sandy

Earlier this week I let a slight jab in the gut become a huge kick in the b*lls. What definitely should have hurt a little, disabled me for a day. Maybe more. I hated that I lost two days because I couldn’t handle what amounts to a hiccup. A hurdle. I lost my sense of … Continue reading

The Joy of Success: We All Have a Dream

I recently failed at my attempt to have an important and reasonably intense conversation with my six-year old son, for whom deeply focusing on ice cream, cookies and video games is apparently far easier and more satisfying than the confusing concepts I tried to get him to understand. In the spirit of the day, I … Continue reading