Degrees of Stupidity

This story has been making the rounds the last couple of days. In short, a woman who is having trouble finding a job is suing her college to get her tuition back. She feels the school apparently didn’t prepare her to qualify for a gig. So sue. It’s the American way, after all.

Where do we draw the line?

Does this mean that the socially-challenged dude with Porsche can sue the dealership if he doesn’t get lai…I mean, have success with women?

Does this mean that the college basketball player can sue his coach if he doesn’t go pro?

And Does this mean that if K-Man doesn’t do well in math class when he’s in the ninth grade that he can sue me for not helping him with Algebra (a likely reality)? Millions of dollars – hundreds of millions? – are spent every year on therapy. In that therapy, we often discover how badly our parents messed us up! K-Man may have the same experience. So, instead of spending that money on a therapist, will kids spend it on lawyers? Nah. Wouldn’t want to mess with the inheritance.

For its part, Monroe College in the Bronx feels that its litigious former student has no case. I’m not so sure. As the story said – if she’d idiotic enough to do this, maybe the school really did fail her. Never mind my thoughts about the lawyer on this one.

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