The Kids are All Right

Like many kids this holiday season, K-Man received a gift with wheels. In his case, it’s a new scooter. (This, of course, comes with all the accompanying accessories: helmet, elbow pads, knee pads and increased medical insurance premiums.)

Although scooters aren’t technically allowed at the San Rafael Skate Park, we went with a friend of ours to check out the scene (and, apparently, so K-Man could quickly forget any gratitude he felt for receiving his scooter and launch into a full-blown “I want” assault for a skateboard). I was amazed at the skate park scene.

The kids rule the roost. Sure, this isn’t any different than what happens at home, but they did so with respect, honor and rules. The kids ride with respect. They wait their turns patiently. They support one another. And, they are helpful. The older kids are quick to let a younger skater know that he’ll “get it next time.”

At one point, two kids slammed into each other and I asked my friends eight-year old who was at fault.

“It’s nobody’s fault,” he said. “They were both trying to do a trick and lost sight of each other. It happens.” My friend then pointed out, “It’s the adults who need to find blame.”

I kept watching with some kind of awe as the kids flew up and down the ramps, in and out of bowls and did things that I wouldn’t dare do now….or then. K-Man watched too. “I want to do that, daddy.” Someday, kid. And, when you do, you’ll apparently learn valuable lessons that no adults can possible teach you.

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