On Reflection and the Seemingly Unbearable Being of Happiness

Best-selling author, AJ Jacobs, once wrote that he was Jewish the same way Olive Garden is Italian. In other words, there might be hints of the traditions, but the ingredients for the old world depth and history were missing. Olive Garden is “spiritually” Italian. And, like AJ, I consider myself a spiritual Jew. And whileContinue reading “On Reflection and the Seemingly Unbearable Being of Happiness”

Where are you FROM?

As many of these posts have found life, so begins this one: On a friend’s Facebook page. The attached picture of a 10-year old boy’s essay about “where he is from” was posted by his mom, my friend. I think it’s remarkable. Astonishing. And filled with a wisdom and a life lesson we would normallyContinue reading “Where are you FROM?”