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Graduation and Heartache

As I walked into K-Man’s pre-school class on the day of his graduation, I was surprisingly overwhelmed with a flood of emotions and I found myself fighting back an onrush of tears. The kid is growing up. Getting older. And there’s simply no denying it. One of the all-time favorite parenting clichés that we are …

From the Mouths of Babes

I kept pressing and asked more questions. (You know, just like the anti-drug commercials say that you’re supposed to do. I’d hate for K-Man to start smoking pot when he’s five because I didn’t seem interested in his pre-school life…)

Blood Brothers

Like any best friend, though, K-Man did not stand idly by. He grabbed the bully by the shirt and told him “don’t do that.” Of course, K-Man then also ended up with a bloody lip. Bully 2 Friends 0.