Redefining “Crisis”

There’s a financial “crisis” looming in my son’s school district. State budget cuts, California’s notorious Prop-13 and any number of other factors have created a perfect storm of budget deficits that have swelled class sizes and threaten programs that the kids in the district enjoy. The community, through our amazing school foundation, contributes more thanContinue reading “Redefining “Crisis””

A Day Well Lived

In the hours leading up to, during and immediately following my birthday; I started spending significant time thinking about my laser-like (some might say myopic) focus on the “big vision,” which is to say…the picture of what I want my life to look like in the future. In doing so, however, I lost sight ofContinue reading “A Day Well Lived”

The Community of Community

I love walking my dog in the morning. Not only because he’s an Australian Shepherd and he goes crazy insane if he doesn’t get enough exercise, but because the daily walk is the perfect reminder of the importance of community. I work in the marketing and advertising business. As a result, I’m surrounded by moreContinue reading “The Community of Community”