It’s On Us

I was that guy. You know the one that was always on the phone when driving. The guy always on his phone at the park. I was the guy texting while I drove. Sure, bad things can happen when you’re not paying attention, but those things can’t ever happen to me! Fortunately, knock on wood, nothing has happened. But, as I watch the adults around me, I’m a bit shocked more unfortunate events haven’t occurred.

  • It’s illegal to talk on your cell phone while driving (unless using speaker/Bluetooth, etc.). Yet, I’m amazed at how many people I see WITH THEIR KIDS IN THEIR CAR yapping away with the phone held up to their ears.
  • It’s illegal to text while driving. Yet, just earlier this morning, I watched in my rearview mirror as a woman WITH HER KID IN HER CAR kept texting after the light changed. The skid from the car behind her was the only thing that spooked her back into reality. At the next light…she was texting again.
  • Time and time again, I watch as parents, yes, WITH KIDS IN THEIR CAR, run red lights, roll through stop signs, drive recklessly and fly up streets at speeds that would make Indy proud.

Look, I’m no teetotaler. I’m no saint. I don’t know anyone who actually drives 55 on the freeways and when I get behind someone who does, it annoys me. But, what I also know is that our kids are watching. They are paying attention to our every move. If we want them to become safe drivers someday, we need to be safe drivers now. How the hell can we expect them to listen to us when we tell them not to text and drive when they’ve grown up watching US do it?

It’s shocking to me when I see adults…parents…pouring out of a bar and into a car. Again, I’ve been guilty of this very thing. But, I don’t do it anymore. So what if it’s inconvenient. Walk. Get a cab. Live. And, you’ll be able to tell your kids about the fact that you did.

It seems to me that, as parents, we don’t always set the right examples. I know I can do a better job. Can you?

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