Connection is Everything

What does this look like?
We connect. We talk to each other, ask and answer questions, and share stories that uncover hidden themes. We learn what we want and need to say, and what the world needs from us. We create and trust the process.

The work reveals itself.
I am a facilitator. Together, we discover where the work needs to go. On more than one occasion, I have been brought in to explore one need–only to discover that the real work was elsewhere.

And once we know what we want to do…
I am a guide. The work is fearless. Together, we share, explore, and test. We push boundaries, and inevitably get (sometimes very) uncomfortable. The work often requires conflict and the ability to manage (what may feels like) rejection. I often tell my collaborators some things they don’t want to hear. And they will definitely tell me things I don’t want to hear. I will pull in additional resources (designers, artists, nutritionists, musicians, misfits, and other experts), as approved and necessary.

But when we are successful…
I am a conduit. Our hearts will be full. We will know that we have done great work together that has created lasting connections. Connections that ripple beyond our comprehension. This work isn’t about any kind of finish line. Done successfully, the connections are Infinite in reach and effect.

Fees + Trust.
I keep things transparent. I charge a manageable flat fee (+ any approved expenses) with no minimum commitments. This fee guarantees a minimum of one weekly hour-long call and access, as necessary. It’s not billed against hours. It is assurance the work will be done well. Our work requires trust and honesty. I trust my collaborators to understand the value of my work. My collaborators trust me with their missions. We must be honest when we feel out of balance and celebrate when we’re in flow.



CHALLENGE: How can a Fortune 500 insurance company connect in a more human, story-forward way?
IDENTIFY: Created the “Aha Moment” Campaign
RESONATE: A comprehensive integrated marketing platform including broadcast advertising, experiential, social, public relations, and sales activations.
FLOW: Resulted in 100s of millions of impressions and millions of dollars in revenue over its eight-year run.


CHALLENGE: How can an iconic American brand overcome the “They still make those?” perception.
IDENTIFY: Created the “Live Riveted” Messaging
RESONATE: Also initiated Airstream’s “Leave It Beautiful” program and tour, partnerships (Bumbershoot, Lockn’, Adobe Max, and others), partnerships and launched the “Endless Caravan” initiative that paid homage founder Wally Byam’s famous treks.
FLOW: Live Riveted became a rallying cry for Airstream’s global community and helped revitalize one of America’s most iconic brands. 


CHALLENGE: Miscellaneous questions answered.
IDENTIFY: What about those random conversations that turn into impact?
RESONATE: I orchestrated a sponsorship deal between a camera operator and T-Mobile. I named a nightclub. I co-created, co-wrote, produced and sold an animated TV show. I produced the most attended college basketball event in California history. I created a Twitter campaign that was called, “The best use of Twitter for a non-profit to date.” For starters.
FLOW: The ripples from these programs continue.


My time spent speaking on college campuses is among my absolute favorite. In addition to my bi-annual talks at the USC Annenberg School of Communications and Journalism, I have spoken at UC Berkeley, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Long Beach State and others.


CHALLENGE: How can one of the most prestigious art festivals in the country stay relevant?
IDENTIFY: Developed the Art Tech Pavilion to help modernize the 67th year of the world famous Sausalito Art Festival.
RESONATE: Curated and showcased the latest in immersive and experiential art in Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Video, Interactive and Holographic Display.
FLOW: The Pavilion was the highlight of the festival for all festival-goers … especially kids who loved the interactive displays.


CHALLENGE: How does an upstart cannabis brand stand out in a crows of upstarts?
IDENTIFY: Developed name and brand that pays homage to its Bay Area roots with both Grateful Dead and SFO ties.
RESONATE: Crafted an innovative naming rights partnership program for the Green Room of the famed Sweetwater Music Hall (owned by Grateful Dead co-founder, Bob Weir, pictured).
FLOW: SFO gained access to the Grateful Dead community, which has paved the path for additional music, art, and licensing opportunities.

“Todd inspires his clients to look at their objectives and the possible solutions from viewpoints they may not anticipate or feel completely comfortable with, and that’s a real talent. We knew we could count on Todd to come armed with unique, distinctive, innovative ideas.”

John Hildenbiddle,
Former SVP Brand Management and Public Relations, Mutual of Omaha
Mutual of Omaha Aha Moment Campaign
60+ Spots Produced
6000 Stories Recorded
Millions of Impressions Secured
Millions of Dollars of Revenue Generated

Giving Back

Our work together helps support a variety of mental health organizations by donating a percentage of proceeds from my work. I look forward to sharing more about this as we grow.

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