Avocado Toast

Kind of a blog, but not really. Why “Avocado Toast?” For starters, I love avocado toast. It seems super simple. But done well? It’s got layers. Nuance. A range of flavors. Kind of like messaging. Kind of like our voices. Plus, once, I thought of calling my agency Avocado with the tagline, “What a voice can do.”

Success is the ability to cultivate and experience joy in all aspects of your life.

Jacob Nordby, The Creative Cure

I recently spent a few days on a personal retreat. Lots of reading and writing (with my favorite Waterman/Harley-Davidson pen). I worked through Jacob Nordby’s new book, The Creative Cure. I was blown away. It’s incredible and it’s all about revelations. The exercises and insights in the book help reveal blocks and heal wounds (that may or may not be conscious and present). I found this book and the assignments (for lack of a better word) to be a magnificent upgrade to my journaling practice.