I’ve learned and observed a few things in my 20-plus years in the communications business. Primarily, I’ve learned that there is something of an equation that to find “that thing” that helps us discover what we’re meant to do, or become who we’re meant to be. And, having spent my entire career in and around all kinds of communications (PR, advertising, events, production and more), it’s no surprise that I want to talk about what I’ve learned.

For nearly a decade, I’ve spoken at the prestigious USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, refining a lecture that is now PAVEMEANT. It’s a presentation that discusses how we must PAVE our own path to find that elusive “meant.” And I’m not just talking about a career, but any kind of “meant” – from achieveme(a)nt to atoneme(a)nt. PAVEMEANT is about living a life of real, personal meaning. A life of (you guessed it) fulfillme(a)nt. PAVEMEANT helps us discover our truth. It helps us OWN our truth. And, most importantly, it helps us deliver on our truth. After all, saying “I want” and not doing anything about it is the same thing as saying “I can’t.”

In addition to delivering my PAVEMEANT message at USC twice a year, I have delivered it to public relations students at Long Beach State University and also to the Sioux Falls Advertising Federation. Personally, I have no greater feeling than those moments when I’m discussing what I’ve learned and how it all came together to create PAVEMEANT. The feedback is the most rewarding thing I can imagine:

“Through his inspiring PAVEMEANT presentation and personal development platform, Skadaddle Media Founder and Co-Founder Todd Lieman has pinpointed a formula for success that professionals of all ages, backgrounds, and walks of life can leverage to achieve their objectives and reach their full potential. The PAVE equation, along with with Lieman’s upbeat presentation style, sardonic sense of humor, flair for the dramatic, and compelling stories from his 20 years in working with high-profile consumer and technology brands, is sure to resonate with anyone desiring to be successful, based on their own personal definition of what that entails, and getting the most out of life. Lieman’s PAVEMEANT message is particularly applicable to students, many of whom struggle to find their own niches in today’s increasingly complex and uncertain world. I highly recommend Lieman and PAVEMEANT for encouraging students, employees, colleagues, and team members to reach new heights, and for enabling these important groups to think about accomplishments in more authentic and realistic terms…that can make a dramatic difference in any organization.”  – Keith R. Pillow, APR, MBA, President and CEO Caddy Marketing and Communications, Inc.

“So many public speakers choose to focus on their case studies and engage in self inflation, leaving attendees with nothing to take home but the indigestion from some rubber chicken and the sense that they will never get back the hour they’ve lost. Todd Lieman presents a perspective that gives his audience the tools they need to not only define their passions, but also execute on them. With a personal authenticity that appeals from the heart of San Francisco to the heartland of the MidWest, Todd educates, engages and empowers even the most veteran and cynical of marketing and advertising professionals. Yet, his message has application that extends well beyond this industry to students and professionals of all backgrounds. It’s time to book Todd so you can stop making excuses and start making a difference in your career and organization.” Hugh Weber, OTA Sessions

“I enjoyed your presentation at the Sioux Falls Ad Federation gathering…I’ve been to numerous presentations at similar gatherings throughout my 27 years as a commercial artist and your message spoke to the creative soul more than the marketing mind which I found refreshing.”– Kurt/Sioux Falls Advertising Federation

In 2012, I will expand my speaking engagements and delivery of the PAVEMEANT lecture, as well as begin the development of a second lecture about the negative impact of social media and the unfortunate rise in the frequency and vigor of Schadenfreude. To schedule an appearance, please contact me: todd (at) skadaddlemedia (dot) com.

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