A Day Well Lived is a philosophy. It’s about understanding the importance of paying attention to the people, places, actions, events and things that make up our days.

A Day Well Lived starts as soon as I wake up. Each day, I tell myself, “Today will be A Day Well Lived.” This simply means that I will experience the day as true to myself as I can. I will realize that, while I perhaps didn’t climb Everest, I did manage to exercise, write, have lunch with a friend and play with my son. A day filled with such activities is…a gift. And acknowledging that gift is important.

But, A Day Well Lived is also understanding that some days…suck. They just do. Things go wrong. Things out of our control can wreak havoc on our harmony! As long as we respond and act to such disharmony with an authentic grace…Well, that too makes for A Day Well Lived.

A Day Well Lived started as my personal experiment, but it’s growing as a community. I started a Facebook Page dedicated to spreading the word. And it’s growing. Please  join the community and share your own thoughts about A Day Well Lived.

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