For more than 30 years, I have helped individuals, organizations, and brands find their true expression. The one that reveals how they want to show up in the world, and helps better connect to the communities they serve. I believe that authenticity (the genuine article–not the marketing-speak) can save the world. If each of us–as individuals and/or organizations–shows up ready to create genuine impact for good, well, imagine what might happen. Let’s work together, talk to each other, ask and answer questions, and share stories that uncover hidden themes. Let’s learn what we want and need to say. What the world needs from us. Only then will we create resonance across platforms to build a flow via successful campaigns, events, content, and more that, yes, just maybe save the world.



IDENTIFY: Created the “Aha Moment” Campaign (playing off the “aha” in “Omaha”)
RESONATE: A comprehensive integrated marketing platform including broadcast advertising, experiential, social, public relations, and sales activations.
FLOW: Resulted in 100s of millions of impressions and millions of dollars in revenue over its eight-year run.


IDENTIFY: Developed SchoolsWin Messaging
RESONATE: Conceived & produced $250,000 socially-driven experiential program/tour designed to help schools and their communities. Also produced a “reality” show, Beyond the Call, to provide more humanity to the Customer Service operations.
FLOW: Generated the best PR results in the company’s history (at the time) and made the company more human to its customers.


IDENTIFY: Created the “Live Riveted” Messaging
RESONATE: Also initiated Airstream’s “Leave It Beautiful” program and tour, partnerships (Bumbershoot, Lockn’, Adobe Max, and others), partnerships and launched the “Endless Caravan” initiative that paid homage founder Wally Byam’s famous treks.
FLOW: Live Riveted became a rallying cry for Airstream’s global community and helped revitalize one of America’s most iconic brands. 


IDENTIFY: Developed the Art Tech Pavilion to help modernize the 67th year of the world famous Sausalito Art Festival.
RESONATE: Curated and showcased the latest in immersive and experiential art in Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Video, Interactive and Holographic Display.
FLOW: The Pavilion was the highlight of the festival for all festival-goers … especially kids who loved the interactive displays.


IDENTIFY: Developed name and brand for upstart cannabis company–paying homage to its jam band, Grateful Dead, and Bay Area roots.
RESONATE: Crafted an innovative naming rights partnership program for the Green Room of the famed Sweetwater Music Hall (owned by Grateful Dead co-founder, Bob Weir, pictured).
FLOW: SFO gained access to the Grateful Dead community, which has paved the path for additional music, art, and licensing opportunities.


IDENTIFY: Launch start-up sports media company
RESONATE: Create a documentary mini-series about CTE featuring former Chicago Bears superstar, Lance Briggs and crafted media opportunities with Brett Favre.
FLOW: Generated hundreds of media hits and millions of engagements.


IDENTIFY: Created “Twitter for Sh*tters”
RESONATE: Developed social programming that was called at the time “the best use of social media for a non-profit.”
FLOW: Raised enough money to build five eco-sanitation toilets in the poorest regions of the world by “talking sh-t” openly and bluntly.


Uncovering hidden brand messaging and copy, naming conventions, and partnership development opportunities (like the sponsorship of a freelance media crew, naming a nightclub, and creating and selling an animated TV show) and more.

Every one of these activations started with the same challenge: Is there a better way for us to communicate? And every one of these activations ended with success against pre-determined KPIs (engagement, brand awareness, revenue). I love this work. My job (and my life) is all about connecting people to each other. I know the good stuff is in our connections.

How do you want
to show up in the world today?