Working Together

How do we work together?
There is no one-size-fits-all process because there is no one-size-fits-all journey. There are tools & practices from which I draw that depend on the challenge. The ultimate experience is unique and based on individual variables.

With whom have I worked?
I’ve been fortunate to work with the biggest brands, on the biggest events, and have developed programs that have generated hundreds of millions of impressions and engagements, and hundreds of millions of dollars.

Sometimes, we bring in ringers.
We partner with coaches and songwriters, artists and artisans, nutritionists and yogis, and marketers and entrepreneurs and and and and. This Collective is a Motley Crew of Humans of the students and teachers. They know that joy is found in our connections. From deconstructing crypto art and NFTs, to building a nutrition and fitness plan around a psilocybin microdosing protocol–our mighty band of misfits creates a kind of interdisciplinary variety show. A menagerie of experiences that magically conjoins to create unimaginable returns. We don’t know when we’ll need them. We’re just glad they’re around.

Nice things people say.
I’ve also worked with start-ups, solopreneurs, athletes, influencers, high school and college students, and executives who say some nice things:

“Todd Lieman made an immediate impact. His ability to quickly distill messaging challenges into actionable solution allows us to gain significant advantages as we rebranded and relaunched our new products.” CEO of cloud-based software product

“Todd’s passion and experience creates a foundation for innovative, creative programming that people care about. I still don’t understand how he’s made a few of them happen.” Founder/Executive Producer of Emmy and Peabody Award-winning production company

“Todd deeply cares about people and their stories. This compassion allows him to truly hear what is needed to successfully develop creative solutions that connect people and messaging to content.” President of online software

“I love you, Todd. Your advice to me on the day we were announcing was game changing. I will never forget that.” CEO of start-up lifestyle brand

“…hearing you talk in my class at USC was life changing for me. Best guest speaker I’ve ever listened to.” USC Student

“….it was one of the most amazing nights of my college career and something I will never forget.” Cal Poly SLO Student

“There are not enough words to truly show how much this presentation meant to me and I just wanted to thank you for talking to the class.” USC Student

Giving Back

Our work together helps support a variety of mental health organizations by donating a percentage of proceeds from my work. I look forward to sharing more about this as we grow.

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