• We hire lawyers when we need legal support. 
  • We hire brokers for real estate support. 
  • We hire tutors and sports coaches to help our kids succeed.
  • We hire trainers and nutritionists to get healthy.
  • We hire therapists to help us with our mental health.

The point is—we hire extra, expert support all the time. Is it crazy to think that our lives and our dreams might benefit from some expert guidance? I don’t think so. But, yes, most people probably do. That’s why this work isn’t for everyone. Moreover, you know what happens when you start to make changes to attract your dreams? Some of the people in your life will root against you. Change scares them. It’s a shock when this happens. Disappointing. Another reason why this work isn’t for everyone.

There is no one-size-fits-all process because there is no one-size-fits-all journey. There are tools & practices from which I draw that depend on the dream. The ultimate experience is unique and based on individual variables. The program basic includes:

  • Complimentary First Session
  • Daily/Ongoing Availability via Personal Text/Email/Social DMs
  • Personalized Monthly Email Accountability Update/Status Report
  • Monthly Community Zoom Events
  • Networking/Introductions as Appropriate
  • Accountability. Accountability. Accountability. And Accountability.
  • NOTE: Monthly 1:1 Calls Available

I partner with coaches and songwriters, artists and artisans, nutritionists and yogis, and marketers and entrepreneurs and and and and. This Collective is a Motley Crew of Humans. They know that joy is found in our connections. From deconstructing crypto art and NFTs, to building a nutrition and fitness plan, or creating a new morning ritual to teaching about microdosing–they are a mighty band of misfits blended into a kind of interdisciplinary variety show. A menagerie of expertise that magically conjoins to create unimaginable returns. We don’t know when we’ll need them. We’re just glad they’re around.

We’ve all had gym memberships, right? Or some other kind of membership where we pay some monthly fee and then just forget about it? We never use the gym. We keep paying. We see no benefit. The gym wins. That’s not this. I have no intention of taking your money without keeping you accountable to the work. I have no intention of taking your money without you keeping me accountable to the work.

I work with teens. I work with college students. I work with recent college grads. I work with entrepreneurs and executives. And, I still work with a hand-picked, small number of companies looking to do their best, most authentic, emotion-based narrative work. So what does this look like?

  • Worked with college junior to land his dream internship.
  • Work with several high school seniors to get into their dream colleges.
  • Coached CEO of start-up lifestyle company during raise and through launch.
  • Mentored several high school students struggling with social challenges.
  • Helped a young college grad get healthy for the first time in his life.
  • Guided several solo-preneur pivots during the Pandemic disruption.

That gets its very own page.

There isn’t one. (Remember THE BIG QUESTION above?) That’s the leap. But I promise that if you commit–that you’ll be far closer to your dreams, your goals, yourself than you are right now. Give me 12-weeks and I promise that you’ll have a much better understanding of your priorities and perspective. I promise you’ll have a robust practice and process. And I promise you’ll be much closer to living in service to your purpose and attracting the Life You’ve Imagined. But there are no guarantees.

Giving Back

Our work together helps support a variety of mental health organizations by donating a percentage of proceeds from my work. I look forward to sharing more about this as we grow.

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