As mentioned in the Q&A page, I work with teens, college students, recent grads, entrepreneurs, executives, and even a select few organizations who are fiercely dedicated to creating authentic, emotion-forward narratives. I believe in transparency. (The real kind–not the marketing kind.)

So what does it cost? It starts at $100/month. But know that working with the right people and the right organizations is more important to me than the money. Please note that I’m open to a wide variety of engagements/agreements.

I don’t charge for the mentoring work I do with teens (high school and younger). I believe I have have a responsibility to help create the next generation of healthy, well-adjusted adults. I believe that it’s my responsibility to share what I know. I’ve been told everything from “you’re crazy” for not charging to “you’re a f***ing idiot.” I’m good with both of those. But I do require a donation.

  • $100/Month (Minimum) Donation to Non-Profit
  • Teen Selects the Cause Each Month
  • Teen Makes the Donation

Remember: This work isn’t for everyone. It’s designed for humans willing to take a chance on themselves. It’s designed for the brave who know they want to live the lives they’ve imagined. I remember being told by a friend who sold Range Rovers, “If they ask me about the gas mileage, I know they aren’t serious.” Maybe that’s harsh. That’s okay.

  • $100/Month
  • 3 Month Minimums
  • Menu of Additional Services Provided, As Requested

I’ve worked with iconic brands on iconic programs. I’m grateful for that opportunity. The my work with Airstream, Oracle, Mutual of Omaha, and so many others gave me the experiences, philosophies, and network to do the dream work. Still, I welcome the joy I get from working with the right organizations and I carve out time for two or three such engagements.

  • $5000/Month Minimum
  • 3 Month Minimum