A Day Well Lived®

10 years of passion.
A Day Well Lived® has been a passion project for more than 10 years. What started as a way to teach my then six-year old son about gratitude grew into a social community across several platforms hundreds of thousands strong. ADWL generated tens of thousands of daily impressions and engagements. I started to imagine it as “Life Is Good” for gratitude. It never quite became that. I don’t think it wanted to.

I still post daily content on Instagram, but it’s not all gratitude focused. I’ve abandoned my attachment to the analytics and (misplaced?) dreams of being the next Life Is Good. I now see ADWL as an opportunity to spread connection, joy, belonging, and maybe raise some money for mental health initiatives by creating some products. I see ADWL as a celebration of our collective Humanity.

The Bead.
We worked with Laura LewAllen to produce a custom bead that encompasses the ADWL story. Featuring the Sun, Moon and Stars brought together by a Spiral of Connectedness, the ADWL Bead is not for sale.

We gift this Bead to those who carry within themselves a kind of Humanity as a Platform uniqueness. These are Infinite Minded thinkers who possess an energy that lights up rooms. They are Magicians. Lightworkers. Spirits. They are Love.

We also gift the ADWL BEAD to Humans in need. We routinely ask for nominations from our social community. Who needs Love? Who needs a Reminder? Who needs assurance that they aren’t walking their path alone?

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